Ideas of decorative object to bring back from your travels

image Ideas of decorative object to bring back from your travels

When you come back from your trip, it is customary to bring back some souvenirs for yourself and gifts for your relatives and acquaintances.

The objective is to commemorate the best moment that you spent in the country that you visited. The kind of gift that you buy from each country is not usually the same, because of different cultural values and symbols. What are the best decorative objects to bring back from your trip?

From India

If you are from India, you can opt for the following mementos:

  • Artificial flower plants with semi-precious stones: Perfect decorations for your living room, and a fascinating idea to collect semi-precious stones from your vacation spot.
  •  Wall stickers: For a luxurious living room decoration, opt for wall stickers in the form of a tree branch with semi-precious stones. It is just amazing.
  •  Mirrors are attractive decorations to the bathroom walls especially if the frame is made of water-resistant synthetic fiber wood. However, if you are looking for a memento mirror for your bedroom, then the vintage-style frame would be the perfect choice.
  •  Idols and figurines: The handcrafted palm with Buddha is a popular gift idea and a nice décor to your home. It can be used as an incense holder.
  •  Fountains: A popular memento to decorate your living room, especially if it has a resin top water fountain. Other pretty fountains have the form of a water lily, which can be put on the living room table.

From Africa

Africa is famous for its crafts and arts. It is therefore recommended to bring handcrafts from the local handcraft markets.

  •  Crafts: From raphia and reed weaved photo frames, to wooden pots and masks. These are just amazing souvenirs from Africa.
  •  Tribal masks: Special African tribal masks are sold for tourists for souvenirs. They are made of black wood, or multicolor. Fascinating decorations for the living room.

From South America 

In South America dream catchers and wind chimes are so special.

  •  Dream catchers: opt for those decorative objects and hang them in the bedroom to catch bad dreams and release positive energy and get protection from the Evil Eye.
  •  Wind chimes: These are fantastic decorations for the yard, to hear the sound of the melodious breeze, which is quite relaxing.

From Great Britain

If you come back from Great Britain, do not forget to bring back some cultural mementos:

  •  Wall clocks: To remind yourself of the British bell-ringing culture, buying a clock from the UK is a must after your trip.
  •  Welsh love spoons: Love spoons are cultural in Wales, as a gift for your lover. Today, it can be hanged on your living-room wall to commemorate your best moment in this country, including wedding, Christmas, a new baby, or simply to mark friendship.

From France

There are many possibilities from France, but here are the most common ones:

  •  Eiffel Tower key rings and decorative items: a very popular memento of the landmark in Paris
  •  Paintings: France is home to famous painters. Paintings from France by such great painters as Claude Monet, Paul Cezanne, Camille Pissarro and others.

From all over the world

If your luggage is packed and you have a little room left for souvenirs, here are some decorative objects to take back home:

  •  Key rings
  •  Fridge magnets
  •  Ethnic vases
  •  Mugs
  •  Photo frames
  •  Candles and fragrances

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