5 European countries, 5 decorative objects to bring back

5 European countries, 5 decorative objects to bring back

Traveling is not simply discovering new landscapes, new cultures, tasting culinary specialties and meeting people. Going on a trip is also the chance to enjoy looking for objects that are not found in one's own country, small souvenirs that mark the passage.

The best decorative items to bring back home are found in Europe: they will help you recall sweet holiday memories to brighten your home. Those decorations will tell about your travels, your emotions and reflect your personality.

Italian, Belgian and Swedish decorative objects: for an offbeat style

In a friendly and modern atmosphere without being vulgar, come and discover the objects from these European countries to bring more originality to your family cocoon.

1. Italy:

There are many original decorative items in Italy such as Italian elk table lamps. With the lights shining inside, it is suitable for bedrooms and living rooms. The ironwork is also a decoration showing Italian art through painting. To hang in the family room, it brings more comfort to the home.

2. Belgium:

The recycled jeans cover brings a modern look to the home. It can be used as a blanket or a carpet for the living room, garden furniture or indoor furniture. Made from Belgian woods and old recycled billiard balls, their pepper is also perfect for decorating your table. The element that will seduce you most is the unicorn trophy shaped by hand with papers. Belgians showcase their know-how from recycling.

3. Sweden:

The very attractive Swedish tray table has a natural and trendy look. This object is practical because it can serve as a garden table during barbeque evenings with its colorful color and hook for easy movement. The lamps are simple and are available in almost any store, its round and sensual aspects bring more warmth to the parental room.

The opportunity to highlight the design objects of Spain and Finland

4- Spain:

With atypical forms, pure and sometimes small, Spanish decorative objects ignite you at first sight. Unprecedented creations like paper vases with a brighter color, you can have a nice original desk accessory as well as coasters with a modern and soft style. From exceptional pieces to contemporary and upscale attractions, vases and designer mirrors take you into a fun world full of fantasies.

5- Finland:

Navigating between an astonishing visual, a clean style, the typically Finnish decorative objects are unique in their kind. Their woods are worked and almost all small decorations like mugs, spoons and picture frames are engraved with reindeer. The plaid with reindeer motifs from Finland is perfect for the living room. Mild and slim cups and plates are timeless objects made from natural materials to be preferred at home.

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