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Tips And Trick With Interior Design and Home Improvement

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Interior design – when art meets objectives

Posted by on Jan 5, 2016 in Interior Decorating | Comments Off on Interior design – when art meets objectives

Your home is your personal castle, a private zone where you retreat to from the rest of the world. It’s decor reflects who you really are, not just your aesthetic values. But the influenza goes the other way around too. You’d be surprised how changing your home surroundings can revitalize your lifestyle, everyday’s atmosphere at home, even change your dominant mood.

Whether you want to renovate an old house, remodel your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom or to fully design interior of a just – built house, the key is to find a balance between aesthetic and usability. There’s a whole interior design industry nowadays offering amazing array of products with endless combinations and applications to create unique interiors. Online research and following blogs of various designers can also inspire you or help you get all the tips you need. Hiring a professional interior designer is probably the best way to fully transform your living space, but still keep it personalized.

True design is art optimized to meet objectives. Professional designers are trained and talented to add a whole new energy to your living space through reusing, repurposing or renewing pieces of current interior. Whether you prefer traditional or modern style, retro or classic taste, or some mixture of these, they will hone your style and ideas down and convert them into functional interior desing that suits the needs of your space, but also feels natural to you.

Buying a new furniture, re-doing the walls or choosing different flooring will certainly change your home effectively. But if these changes are too much for your present budget, professional designer can refresh your decor significantly using smaller changes as well. Dressing up your windows with new elegant curtains or rearranging pillows and blankets will certainly spruce up the room. Stacking the bookshelves with flowers, picking new frames for wall paintings, using mirrors to make small space seem larger or spreading new rugs and floor
runners also make dramatic difference. Decorative lighting is a clever way to bring
out the shape of objects, the “feel” of texture, and important keynotes.

Applying these and many other ideas and solutions is a matter of art and skill. After all, design is not making beauty, beauty emerges from smart and creative selection, affinities and integration. Working with a professional can make all the difference, but the trick is to find the right one for your needs. So, before meeting with designer and discussing the terms and arrangements: make your wishlist, decide how much money you’re willing to spend on the project and specify the timeline. Then do some research and ask around for references. You can ask your friends or relatives for recommendations or google it. Numerous interior design companies advertise their services online. You can evaluate a designer by visiting his website or checking his portfolio. When contacting each designer, present your requirements, your budget and your timeline and write down their responses and feedback.

Comparing multiple professionals’ bids and experiences will help you find the one that suits your needs and style best. If you live in the LA area, we highly recommend Pasadena interior designers 27 Diamonds. For commercial design, check out HOK. The one that will materialize your ideas successfully.

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Interior decorating

Posted by on Dec 29, 2015 in Interior Decorating | Comments Off on Interior decorating

If you’re not a designer or you are new to the built arts, there’s a lot to learn about making beautiful interior spaces.

Before you start, you have to know how you intend on using the space you want to decorate. Once you know that, you can start narrowing in on the feel you want the space to have and the type of furniture, fixtures, art, etc. you would like to put into the space. What I prefer to do for my designs is to pick verbs or adjectives that I give to every room. Doing this helps narrow my focus on design but leaves things open enough so that I can increase in size later with things I didn’t originally think of.

When beginning any legitimate architectural design project, you are going to need to come up with a strategy. Take some measurements of your space and make a quick drawing showing your room. If you have take a lot of measurements or just want to make the procedure easier, I extremely recommend investing in a laser distance measure.

If you are looking to achieve a modern look, there are a few guidelines you should follow. The most important feature of a contemporary design is importance on clean lines and shapes. Make sure whatever kind of stuff you put into your space has a motive.

Classic homes are a bit difficult because ‘classic’ had such a wide connotation. For this, I’m going to define classic as a formal colonial type of home. If that’s the case, one interior thing to do is to make sure you have a nice and decorative base and ceiling trim. Any columns or pilasters you have should look fancy and have a nice capital and base as well. The decorative column doesn’t have to be structural, just wrap your columns in something nice. For your floors, wood is always a secure design bet. Don’t be afraid to add a focal tip to your designs. Think of making a room like drawing on canvas. Your eye is going to move around the room in a specific way because we naturally give order to things, and we can only process one thing at a time. If you want a room to have a specific focus, don’t be scared to have an accent wall or contrasting piece of furniture.

It’s usual to have a small room that you have big plans for. I’m in full support of making the most of your oblong footage. In order to do that, you’re going to want to use brighter colors. Darker colors feel comfy, but trigger our primal instincts and make us think back on the days of cave dwelling. Maximize light, and any sight out of windows to keep away from this. Use lines that draw your eyes around the space so that you can give the mirage of a wider or taller room. Verticals will make the space feel taller, while horizontals will make it feel wider. Make the most of any furniture you put in there. You might want to think about a nice sofa that has a folding seat where you can put books inside of.

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Eleven Fancy Tips for Dining Rooms

Posted by on Dec 17, 2015 in interior dining rooms | Comments Off on Eleven Fancy Tips for Dining Rooms

1. Choose the yellow accents to shine by picking modern, and clean lines on the windows, walls, and the floor. Asthe sun breaks through gray skies, this is the perfect color combination.

2. Brightening up a space can be done by a small touch of pattern on the windows. Wicker chairs and a wood table with Roman shades in a modern floral fabric will make them not look too outdated. Oversizes candelabras transform into a sculptural and simple centerpiece. 3. Addition of the character to this inviting and open space can be done by purchasing mismatched chairs in some neutral shades. Modern, but not frilly floral wallpaper in a muted tone will help balance the space filled with interesting items, such as: like bamboo cutting boards, hanging wreaths, etc.

4. Do you really need a formal dining room throughout a whole year? For Thanksgiving dinner, this one is ordinary enough and comfortable enough—with some extra seating off to the side—for chilling in weekend afternoons. If the square footage is small, then a petite, round table is a smart idea to use the space.
5. Louis-style chairs are antique and traditional pieces, which can feel intimidating when placed together. However, this room keeps a fresh face with different neutrals, such as whites, creams, and sage green that are scattered through the space.
6. If you prefer one bold color, do it! However, make sure to keep the competition in check—or, here, in toile. By using a single two-toned fabric on the chairs and curtains, the whole patterned effect is comfortable for the eyes.

7. A whitewashed farmhouse-style table, airy window treatments, and clean walls are a perfect match for a light-filled room with a fine view. Make sure you keep the total look grounded with the enough quantity of texture thats presented with a set of woven and rustic chairs.

8. If you are designing a big and wide-open place, think of calling attention to architectural details and capturing light. Put some treasured mementos in the bookshelves in order to personalize a place and to give it a comfortable atmosphere. Addition of the texture and gaining the flexibility is done by buying slipcovered chairs because they can be changed and washed easily. 9. It can be a bit overwhelming to possess too much wood, such as tables, chairs, flooring, and cabinetry.So, think in a creative way about the items you buyfor the room(for example, a painted cabinet, that keeps things be light and also addsspace for storage).

For floors, walls, and even furniture pick white color. This is a good solution for those people who prefer a modern aesthetic look. Stress out textured pieces and accents to soften up the place. Here, cushioned chairs grouped in a sophisticated form will keep the white lacquer Parsons-style table from looking too stark.
11. Architectural charm to a breakfast nook can be achieved by the exposed brick. However, If you wish for a more polished look, think about a fresh coat of paint. These are funky, but not girly mauve-colored walls due to unexpected patterns andblack accents.

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How to choose right furniture for your home

Posted by on Dec 11, 2015 in Furniture For Your Home | Comments Off on How to choose right furniture for your home

Design and fabrics of the furniture is changing by the hours. Designers are constantly setting up new fashionable trends that not many of common people can fallow. But how to choose right furniture for the house that would look in the same time modern, cozy and not too cheap. In order to succeed in that task, you must fell in love whit its form, beauty and texture. Set up your budget in advance and be organized.

1. Find your style

Select a style that will suit you the most and follow that lead. You would need to set up a theme for space you intend to furnish; there is a large variety of furniture, selection is a vast, so you will never run out of the options. Whether you choose modern, vintage, casual or electric you must adjust it by your own need and that will be your starting point.

2. Try not to over run your budget

When you are buying furniture don’t spend vast amounts of money on furniture that too expensive for your pockets. Try to balance it. It doesn’t do you any good if you go wild whit spending and only partly furnish your home and the rest of it stays vacant. That kind of a house doesn’t look to homey and inviting.




3. Buy a furniture whit solid construction

You will want a piece of furniture in your home that is solid and heavy, something that will last, and have classical look, so that you won’t have to replace it next year. Avoid buying anything that has particleboard, light aluminum frames and stick with solid wood construction. Before buying it you must sit on it and try it. It doesn’t matter that something is beautiful if it’s not comfortable.

4. Choose appropriate texture and color

This all depend on your preferences if you are more of a leather type or fabric type. With each of one, you can’t go wrong. Leather has more serious approach, while fabric is used more for cozy and relaxed environment. If the furniture is used more frequently it’s recommended that you buy it in darker shades. Considering the color, you must take into a consideration your surroundings and adjust furniture by the color of your walls.

5. Look for unexpected

If you find some piece of furniture that looks odd but in the same time beautiful and appealing, regardless you should buy it and make him some place in your home. It shouldn’t represent a problem if it doesn’t fit in your space. You will need something like your personal stamp. You living place should reflect your personality.

6. Don’t let anyone hurry you

This is a long process; you will need lot of time to decide what type of furniture you are going to buy. Price evaluation will be in order. You will be assaulted whit different styles, textures and colors. So don’t let anyone rush you, once you buy it it’s a done deed and you can easily make mistake.

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How to design your bathroom?

Posted by on Dec 2, 2015 in Design Bathrooms | Comments Off on How to design your bathroom?

Bathroom may be the smallest room in your home but precisely that makes them so suitable for frequent changes, painting your walls and adding new tiles isn’t expensive al all and it doesn’t require much of your time, but it can make your bathroom look completely different. We all have the idea of how our dream bathroom would look like, but important thing to know when you want to update or design your own bathroom is that you should consider your home and choose the bathroom that goes with it.

The best thing you could do for your bathroom is give it as much natural light you can, install windows wherever you can it won’t just lighten up your bathroom but link it with outdoors, and sunrays can prevent appearance of mold too. Looking through window and seeing nature, trees or clouds can be beautiful and relaxing. Adding wooden or shelves made of other natural material can bring more outdoor sense to your bathroom and other than that it will surely look sophisticated and unique.

If you have a small bathroom the best thing you could do is buy shelves and cabinets that can be used as a hidden storage. Does it exist something better than a cabinet disguised as a mirror, never goes out of style and it is fully functional, aren’t multifunction thing just great?

Wall hanging units can make your bathroom visually bigger by maximizing the floor space, so move everything from your floors and stack them in your cabinets. If you don’t want large cabinets hanging over your head everywhere you can try putting your colorful towels on open and floating shelves. Interesting thing to do may be painting you old ladders and making them your bathroom shelf.

Your personal products such as shampoos and body care products are often placed side by side on shelves or washing machines, try putting them too in your cabinets or wooden baskets that can embellish your space. Wooden baskets are a great place to store everything you need in your bathroom, towels, magazines, beauty products, you can put them on shelves or under the sink.

If you want to paint the walls in your bathroom be sure to paint them in some neutral color it will make your bathroom feel calming and natural. White color can make your bathroom look cleaner, but don’t forget to put a little color in it, if nothing else, stack your towels in different colors and shades on floating shelves or hang your colorful robes that will give your bathroom your personal touch. You could paint your mirrors frame, and put stylish soap dishes in same color and embellish your bathroom that way.
Picking tiles for your bathroom can be a tricky job, sizes, shapes and colors of tiles are various but you should use light colored ones. If you can, use the same ones for floors and walls it will make your bathroom look bigger, and don’t use contrasting colors in any case. Larger tiles can make your bathroom look bigger and larger depending on how you place them.

When you did all of this add a bouquet of vibrant color flowers and enjoy your stylish bathroom.

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